About Us

Our Mission and Inspiration

To identify, collaborate, visualize, innovate, device and then to bring to fruition is a path we have chosen to tread in our journey to create a profitable social enterprise.

Our mission is to empower artisans to earn sustainable incomes and, in doing so, fight poverty. Our artisan groups come from diverse geographies and cultural backgrounds. Themes and styles of work vary widely from each region. We work on improving their processes, systems and quality so that resources yield optimum results.

Being a creatively driven social enterprise we constantly encourage our groups to be original and creative, and they have hence embarked on an extraordinary journey of self-expression and gained confidence.

We firmly believe in women empowerment and they must be financially independent. Many of these highly skilled women from villages, small towns and even cities master their crafts, only with the intention to financially support their family. By giving their craft respect and the true value it deserves, we have brought about greater interest and engagement of artisans in their work.We mainly work with rural artisans in order to empower them and to bring to the for their artistic skills. By purchasing our items, you are creating a positive impact in our artisans’ communities!